Bridging the Gap between AI Innovation and Privacy was founded by AI and Enterprise experts who believe in the power of AI while respecting individual and business privacy. We're here to provide a secure, reliable, and private alternative to AI tools.

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Intuo AI's team comes from

Our core features

At, we've combined innovation, privacy, and user-centric design to deliver a suite of features tailored for the modern digital landscape. Our core features are designed to provide a seamless and secure AI experience that not only simplifies tasks but also respects your data privacy at every step.

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Privacy-Centric Generative AI

Harness the power of AI without compromising your privacy. Our generative AI can produce high-quality text or code and answer your queries while ensuring that your data is not used or retained in any manner.

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Access to Open Source Chatbots

Unlock a world of possibilities with access to multiple open-source chatbots. Whether you need assistance drafting a document, coding, or finding information, our chatbots are here to help.

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Advanced Web Searching Capabilities

Find the information you need quickly and accurately. employs advanced algorithms to scour the web.

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Uncompromising Data Security

Your data's security is our top priority. We employ bank-level security measures, including SOC II certification and data encryption in transit, to protect your data.

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Discover Intuo: Unveiling a New Era of Privacy-Focused AI Solutions

Experience the power of advanced AI technology, tailor-made to prioritize your privacy, revolutionize your workflow, and enhance your digital interactions.

What We're Proud Of

We take immense pride in developing a cutting-edge AI platform that seamlessly blends innovation, user-centric design, and an unwavering commitment to privacy. Our team's dedication has resulted in a solution that empowers individuals and businesses to harness the power of AI without compromising on their data security, reshaping the digital landscape one interaction at a time.


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Experience the Advantage

With, you're not just leveraging the power of a sophisticated AI system; you're stepping into a realm where innovation meets unrivaled privacy. Our unique combination of advanced generative AI capabilities, access to open-source chatbots, and an unyielding commitment to data security offers you an unparalleled advantage in navigating today's digital world safely and efficiently.

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Affordable, transparent, and designed with your needs in mind – our pricing structure ensures you get to experience the full potential of without breaking the bank. Whether you're an individual user or a large enterprise, we have a plan that perfectly fits your requirements and respects your budget.


AI Power Tailored to Individual Needs

Privacy-Centric Generative AI

Access to Open Source Chatbots

Advanced Web Searching Capabilities

Unwavering Data Security


Empowering Your Business with Secure AI

All Personal Plan Features

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Advanced User Management

Access Management Features

Expert Support

Embrace the Future of AI with Confidence

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